My Hardware


This time i wanted to make a bit more proffesional xyz table
Not like the homebuild qbasic plotter => with used or low cost parts (old dot matrix printers Etc.)
So i turned the porselin pig upside down

This is what i have so far
    Did not wanted to solder a stepper drive so
    Gecko Stepper drives G210 (they are  expensive but work great)
    Just have to connect a few wires
Mounted some CPU coolers/heatsinks   => (maybe cheaper to buy alu profile but couldnt find any)
Gecko's with PK268-E2.0B-B3 1,8deg/step nc-step motors stays cool (even without heatsink)
But the Gecko with the bleu connectors with another type motor PH266M-E1.2-C8 0,9deg/step gets verry hot
Dont understand why because its less then 2 amp(1,2Amp) (gecko instruction manual says heatsink above 3 amp)

   2x Stepper motors Vexta PK268-E2.0B-B3 Think 1.75Nm 8wires (from
    want to use 60VDC on the motors (strange things steppers say 3VDC and i use 60VDC)
    But this is normal to use 20 times the motor rated voltage (for constant current drives)
    connected the motors phases  bipolar to Gecko

    1x Stepper motor Vexta PH266M-E1.2-C8 0.9deg/step 1,2Amp
    Wich i had already and will do for zaxis

     Toroid transformer/Ringkern trafo 230Vac=>2x45Vac 5,55A 500VA order nr: 518353-24
i did not know how to connect the 2x45V 5,55A coils parallel (=45V & double amperage)

    and asked Sedlbauer
    coil1 = swart-rot / coil2 = violet-weis
    Answer => correct is:
    connect 1:              schwarz + violett               0 V
    connect 2:              rot + weiß                      45V 11,1A
    10.000Uf 100V Capacitor
    Be carefull with large capacitors they store a shocking amount off electricity
    Im verry anctious with them after opening a photocamera,  the batterys where removed a longtime
    But the capacitor hit me by surprise
    25Amp bridge rectifier (45VAC x 1,4 = 63VDC)
   1 fuse&holder for 230Vac side
   3 x fuse&holder for 63Vdc to Geckos
   Wich should make a 63VDC 10Amp power supply

   Gecko says 67% off motors rated Amp x 3 number off motors
    I only need 5Amp but maybe some reserve for the future

Build the parts into an old pc486 case 

    Ordered steel trapezium spindles 12x3 with bronze nuts
    Maybe i wil make 2 nuts from 1 and bolt them together with 2 or 3 screws and rubber rings so -
    that i have a preloaded nut wich eliminates the free play
    Wich give a 0,0075 or 0,015 resolution (3 / 400)
    And maybe a speed of 1,5 or 3 metres per minute when steppers can run at 1000Rpm
    And if i made the calculations right =>push/pull 30Kg

FiFirst test at 1.5meterp/m and gecko on 1/10 microstep think thats 2000 positions a rotation
   theoretical resolution 0.0015mm (3 / 2000)
    =16.6Khz puls rate i think

zz-axis has a M8x1.25mm spindle because i tought  motor is less powerful and heavy tool
 and motor is 0.9 degree /step
 theoretical resolution = 1,25(mm pitch) / 400(steps) / 10(microstep) = 0.0003125mm

    Ordered 2x20mm & 2x15mm THK liniar ballSlides and  rails 600mm
    The table working area shoud be 500x500mm
    Pretty expensive, but hey you only live life once

So ordered some 12mm wide 13mm high  from for the z axis
Would have been much cheaper if i knew that there is a lot off  >> NEW<< 12mm THK rail on EBAY
 Used Cheaper rail

Ebay search on THK (in a new window)





<>I used Axial bearrings to make the trapezium spindle run smooth and playfree
<>again not the cheapest solution


Not sure if my middle axis/nut design is stiff enough when milling at the end of the axis
always could add 2 wires that will make it stiff (see above drawing)

I would like to have a new engraving tool
    I DO NOT like the Dremel
     the Dremel spindel is not verry stable /play free    

     Toledo router/bovenfrees (Gamma Bouwmarkt)  
    580Watt with 6mm and 8 mm tool holder/clamp
    7000 to 32000 Rpm for only 29 Euro thats worth a try
   Got a nice solid alu round shaft for mounting it on my machine

    it also has reserve/spare brushes
   A pitty i cannot find 3 - 3.2 - 4mm tool clamps

    Bought a small huvema lathe => so i can make my own clamps now

  Toledo router/bovenfrees whent up in smoke
Ball bearring cage is broken blocked spindle and thus result is smoke
  Cannot say the tool was bad
just bad luck the bearing stucked the spindle when i wass not arround
So bought a new cheap  router this time a FERM for 40 Euro
ferm bovenfrees 850watt
its almost exactly the same as the Toledo
except this tool is 850watt
i would prefer 500watt but could not find a toledo tool again or another cheap 500 watt tool
should i add a fuse or thermal switch too prevent future smoke i case off ballbearring failure????

A smaller tool this time rebuild it with a Ferm combitool 135Watt

Rebuild with a smaller 135Watt Ferm CombiTool 5xCheaper as a Dremel tool
and the spindel is more stable (less runout) as a Dremel
Price FCT-400 18Euro (has a flexible shaft included) FCT-300 maybe even cheaper (no flexible shaft included)

Chamfer on mounting plate and tool fastening nut
This way its nice ferm fixed to mounting plate
Total Cost, I dont wanna know (its not Cheap)
Pay and Forget